Epoxy/Urethane Floor Coating

Epoxies are the foundation of most floor coating systems, and urethanes are ideal as a topcoat over an epoxy base.

Troweled Mortars

Troweled systems can be used as a protective overlay on new floors, or to restore and repair older worn surfaces.

Quartz Flooring

Quartz or double broadcast floors are seamless floor systems utilizing epoxies, urethanes and quartz sand.

Flake Floor Coating

Flake Flooring systems are seamless flooring systems commonly found in restrooms, break rooms, retail areas, light duty kitchens, research labs and automotive showrooms.

Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing is one of the fastest growing methods of preparing floors in the decorative, commercial and industrial markets.

Acid Stain Flooring

Acid Staining has rapidly become the choice of many architects, homeowners and business owners as a low-cost, easy to maintain flooring option.

Concrete Surface Prep

K and A Coatings has several walk behind shotblasters as well as propane and diesel powered riding machines from 8” to 15” to provide the surface prep solution for your needs.